Free Agency

Recent news has come out about two Green Bay Packers free agents, CB Sam Shields and RB James Starks.

Sam Shields suffered his four known concussions in his seven-year NFL career in the season opener against Jacksonville. This was a big issue through the entire season because when Shields went out, the Packers’ secondary lost their number one cornerback. Shields imagessaid during an interview after the NFC Championship game in Atlanta that “each day it’s getting better…some days it’s tough headaches, some days it’s mild, it varies.” In addition to Shields’ concussion, he was arrested in October for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia and spent the rest of the year at his Florida home. Shields spent his entire career in Green Bay, and all the fans support him and hope that he can recover from his concussions. Shields broke the news himself Wednesday morning via an Instagram post where he seemed pretty upset, including hashtags like “#IWasGettingBetter”, “#AtLeastLetMeRetireFromThePack”, “StillMad” and “#ICantPlayWithAnybodyElse”. Green Bay Packer fans around the world wish Sam Shields a healthy recovery and we hope that he will put his health in front of his playing career.

images-1In addition to the news about San Shields being cut, one of the Packers few running backs was also cut, James Starks. Starks was released from Green Bay Tuesday with a non-football injury designation. Starks did not play much in his final year in Green Bay due to suffering both a separated knee and a concussion. Green Bay’s running back situation was already tough with five of the team’s six running backs going into Free Agency, the only running back that is not is Wide Receiver-converted-Running Back, Ty Montgomery.

Green Bay has important people leaving, but there has been some interesting news on people staying, for example, GM Ted Thompson. Since the rumor started that Thompson might step down and let Eliot Wolf take over, nothing has happened. It still seems like Ted Thompson will stay the General Manager, and is still under contract through the 2019 NFL Draft. Ted Thompson has said that he will be more aggressive in the free agent market, so Green Bay is giving him another chance to prove that he can build a team around one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League – Aaron Rodgers.

One of the big Free Agent targets that could help out the Packers is Texans CB A.J. Bouye. Bouye got to play because of some imgresinjuries in the Texans secondary — sounds familiar. The Texans have two solid starting CBs in Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph, so a genuine offer from Thompson could sway Bouye to come north. A few other cornerbacks that Green Bay could also start talks with are former-Packer Tramon Williams and the Jags’ Prince Amukamara. Williams might enjoy leaving a sad Cleveland team, to rejoin his former team on a run for a second Super Bowl ring. Prince Amukamara signed a 1-year/$5.5 million dollar deal with Jacksonville and seeing how nothing came of the Jags season, Amukamara might be seeking a better team to win him a title.


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